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How Close is Close

By Sharad Goel

Your team is down by a couple of baskets going into the final minutes of the game. Is it time to panic or is it still anyone’s to win? Plenty have certainly come back from apparently dire situations. Just last month the Lakers beat the Thunder in double overtime after being down by 11... »

The Perfect Bracket

By Sharad Goel

Last week I wrote about a "wisdom of crowds" strategy for picking my March Madness basketball bracket. Down to the Final Four, I'm doing pretty well: tied for 2nd in my office pool, and in the 94th percentile of all 2 million brackets submitted on Yahoo! Sports. But doing well still means... »

The Oracle of Brackets

By Sharad Goel

It's March and you know what that means: Time for a little madness at the big dance! OK, so I don't know anything about basketball, but a minor point like that isn't going to stop me from entering a bracket in the office pool. Just so we're all on the same page, the NCAA College... »