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Popping the Filter Bubble

By Sharad Goel

In his provocative TED talk and bestselling book, the progressive internet activist Eli Pariser tells the story of how one day he noticed that the Facebook posts from his politically conservative friends began disappearing from his newsfeed. Pariser traces this phenomenon back to Facebook’s recommendation algorithms, which looked at the links he clicked, effectively... »

Birds of a Feather Shop Together

By Sharad Goel

(Cross posted at Decision Science News.) Do you know what the #$*! your social media strategy is? Perhaps it's "to facilitate audience conversations and drive engagement with social currency"? Or maybe "to amplify word of mouth by motivating influencers"? Well, given all the lies and damned lies being told about social, fellow... »

What Your Friends Don’t Know About You

By Sharad Goel

How well do you know your friends' political views? According to recent work by Winter Mason, Duncan Watts, and myself, you probably don't know them as well as you think. In particular, we found that when friends disagree on a political issue, they are unaware of that disagreement about 60% of... »