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Google Glass(es)

By dreeves

I’ve been wearing Google glasses every day for almost three months now. If you’re excited enough about Google Glass to be reading yet another review of them then I shall proceed to burst your bubble. But I’ll start with the good parts! These things are super light, comfortable, and indestructible. They’ve survived significant rain a couple... »

Email Snooze and Gmail Zero

By dreeves

Two years ago, when I still had a day job and Beeminder was just a side project, I wrote about my epic struggle with email: My email is dysfunctional. I keep things in my inbox because I can’t afford for them to go out... »

2011 Plus or Minus a Decade

By dreeves

End-of-year retrospectives are so over done! Let’s talk about how life has changed since 2000. And then to really make it exciting, I’ll give my predictions for what life will be like in 2021. We’ll start with an obvious one. 1. Flying became a bigger pain in the ass. I.e., the terrorists won... »

Twelve Years Ago

By dreeves

I got the following email today, sent from myself exactly 12 years ago. A University of Michigan alum was looking for people to join his new startup. I was a little bit tempted by it, but instead just forwarded it to my future self in anticipation of the "prototype" he was pitching... »

The Future is Yesterday

By Sharad Goel

Independent teams from Yahoo and Google recently demonstrated that search volume for flu-related terms strongly correlates with CDC reported influenza levels, suggesting that search logs could be used to monitor public health. It is certainly tantalizing to think the same technology that shows Isaiah Thomas is "on fire" today ( »