Twelve Years Ago

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
By dreeves

"1.21 gigawats"

I got the following email today, sent from myself exactly 12 years ago. A University of Michigan alum was looking for people to join his new startup. I was a little bit tempted by it, but instead just forwarded it to my future self in anticipation of the “prototype” he was pitching becoming perhaps a big deal.

If angel investing had occurred to me back then I might’ve tried to give them some money. (Ha, so I’d like to believe! That has hindsight bias written all over it.)

X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Pro Version 4.1
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 22:51:56 -0800
From: L a r r y . P a g e <>
Subject: [cseg-jobs] Google!

Hi everybody.  It's been a while since I was at Michigan, so most of you don't
know me, but I have this cool startup and we are looking for developers, and I
thought of all you folks.

Anyway, if you're graduating, like programming a lot, and are looking for a job
in beautiful California, let me know.  We may have some positions open for
summer interns as well.


Google Wants Developers!

Looking for a start-up adventure? Interested in making the Web smarter? Google
Inc. is an exceptional Internet start-up company seeking pioneering developers
to help build a better search engine.

We need energetic, motivated developers with knowledge of LINUX and a degree in
CS preferred. Strong coding skills in C are a must.

Google Inc. was founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page to make it easier
to find high-quality information on the web. The company is based on three
years of research in web search and data mining done by the founders in the
Stanford University Computer Science Department. Google is a dynamic and fun
place to work. This is a great opportunity as you get in at an early position
with corresponding equity. This is also a terrific chance to learn about what
it takes to make a business fly. We are well funded by several angel investors
and anticipate building our team quickly.

We were just mentioned in this months PC Magazine with a very favorable review
(see )

Check out our prototype at
Send us your resume. Meet the folks who are passionate about innovation.

e-mail (prefer no attachments)
FAX to: (650) 618-1499
Snail mail: Google Inc., 555 Bryant St., #106, Palo Alto CA 94301

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